Awesome Tips for DIY Plumbing

Banging and loud pipes under your house

Banging pipes are caused by velocity of water flowing through a pipe and coming to a sudden stop (water taps, copper pipes, washing machine solenoids and quick close taps all contribute to this).

You can try using insulated rubber clips on the loose pipework under you house. If the movement is minimal this can have a very positive effect.

Or sometimes the extra pressure from the council tobby mains at the front of your house can cause the pipes to move; in this case a limiting valve will help solve the problem.

And in some special cases a water hammer arrest can fix this altogether.


Leaks.. Some things that may help

First thing to do is to find the tobby isolation out at the front of your house and turn off the main water supply.

If you cannot find the tobby then turn on all the taps. The majority of water will go into these controlled appliances causing less water to damage the house from the leaking pipes.


Heat Pumps

Did you know that you can control your heat pump with your smart phone! Whether you are at home or at work you can heat or cool you home before you get there!

Mould and condensation is all about ventillation and open windows are great in the summer but in the winter a better solution is needed check out this post to find a heating and ventillation solution that will suit you best CLICK HERE.


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