Gas Related Services

Gas Hob Installation

We can help get those dream appliances up and running quickly and safely.

Gas Cooker Installation

There’s nothing that beats cooking with gas but make sure the installation is done by a certified professional. Book now to get the job done right.

Continuous Water Heater Installation

Don’t leave it to next year, the time is now! Unlimited hot water today for you and your family at unbeatable prices!

Gas Heater Installations

Be warm all year round with a professional gas heater installation.

Gas Leaks

Call us 022 385 6125 if you suspect a gas leak. We can get to you ASAP and fix the problem.

Gas Appliance Servicing

We offer great rates to tripple check all your gas appliances. We are certified gas installers and will get the job right the first time. Don’t delay contact us now.

  • Pricing

    Work Type:Prices Start From:
    Gas Hob Install$400.00
    Gas Cooker Install$500.00
    Infinity Hot Water Install$2700.00
    Gas Heaters Install$2000.00
    Gas Leaks Repair/Safety$200.00
    Gas Appliance Servicing$120.00
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get a quote today?

    With most jobs we can be there on the same day that you call or we can arrange a time that suits you better.

    Do you offer FREE quotes?

    Yes Absolutely! We offer no obligation free quotes in the greater Wellington area.

    Do you take on large or small jobs?

    We will take on the job you need us to do, for us no job is too big or too small.

    Can I book you outside business hours?

    Yes, to a degree! We will arrange appointments to suit your needs even if that means slightly later or earlier than our business hours and weekends are negotiable.

    How long after your quote can we expect to get the work done?

    We aim to have the job done ASAP. We can schedule you in after discussing the details of the job from the quote.

    Is there anything I can do before I call?

    Yes please, giving a clear description of the problem is always helpful. In some cases this may save us from having to come to your property to view the job before getting the parts that we need – We do have a parts supply of our own but if we know beforehand some specifics we can pick them up on the way if needed.

    Help I have GAS leaking!

    Call us NOW! 022 385 6125 – If you suspect a gas leak we can get there asap and if we can’t we can advise you on the spot and talk through the steps to stopping the gas supply to your house.